Instructor and Mentoring Training Workshops


(For water or studio classes)

These innovative workshops are develop for all types of instructors that are establish or starting out in the fitness industry; or if you are just a fitness enthusiasts take what you learn and implement it into your daily routine.

Benefits of taking a workshop.
Workshops includes and/or offers:

  • Various tools, cueing and more on how to develop group fitness classes
  • Guidance on group fitness auditions
  • New ideas or difference approaches to working out in class.
  • Music format or layout
  • Developing your own signature class(es)
  • How to handle teaching various and multiple classes on a weekly schedule
  • Developing your class in multiple settings: commercial, corporate, and residential high-rise buildings
  • Learn different regressions and progressions for various exercises
  • Learn different exercises
  • Much more


Certified Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructor - After finishing school, Michael started traveling around the world showcasing his dance talents. In the year 2000, he established himself as the founder and owner of the company “The Floor Is All Yours” and the an entertainment, service, promotional and reference company for individuals in the entertainment and fitness industry which he continues to operate and expand. 

It was his expertise as a dancer, instructor, choreographer and the motivation he instilled in others that inspired him to develop his own fitness style known as Mesmerizing Fitness, an aerobic/cardio dance class. Mesmerizing Fitness incorporates non-traditional and traditional dance, body weight routines, cardio choreography, and an enthusiastic atmosphere geared to all ability levels. Mesmerizing Fitness continues to be on the innovated and iconic edge and is sure to be an integral part of everyone’s workout regimen. 

Michael believes that motivating others in both dance and fitness helps them to discover  confidence and freedoms within themselves that they may have not thought possible.  He supports this by personally providing motivational tools such as fitness videos, blogs, write-ups, sample workouts and more to the general public geared to all ability levels and personality types. Currently, Michael is still teaching, working privately and with groups. He continues to collaborate with other dancers and fitness experts to form meet-ups, share ideas, and to continually grow and evolve himself. Michael continues to build “The Floor Is All Yours” and his career as a dancer and fitness instructor. As you can see Michael is not close to stopping and is always looking for the next evolution in movement to expand his library and vocabulary so he can share his expertise with others who want to do the same. 

Teaching Philosophy
Fitness is a form of anatomical foundation that frames one’s inner self. Fitness allows individuals to release their emotions, discover new levels of themselves and seek acceptance in ways they may have not thought obtainable. The benefits of being fit, as well as the instructor, provide individuals with the tools needed to develop confidence, obtain motivation to exceed their ability and experience the camaraderie of the workout. Furthermore, it is up the instructor to provide an uplifting, safe and inspirational environment with the foundation, no matter the ability, to reach their full potential while building their confidence and trust along the way. The ultimate goal is for all of these avenues, emotions, movements and new found freedoms to allow individuals to absorb the enthusiasm and in turn sweat out their own self doubts.  

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