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Name: Michael Fry
DOB: April (Aries)
Hobbies: Skiing, dancing, parkour, gymnastic, traveling, wake-boarding, ballroom/social dancing, working out, fitness, football, softball, baseball, basketball, outdoor life.
Love/Passion: nightlife, dancing, Disc Jockeying, all types of music
Favorite Clubs: Club Shelter - NYC, La Boom - Cancun, Saturn (no longer in existence) - Philly, Daddy O's- Cancun, Pulsations (no longer in existence) - Glenn Mills, Sound Factory - NYC, Evolution (back in the day) - Philly, Living - Montreal, Home - Sydney, Australia
Future Plan: Own and operate his own dance studio, music store and nightclub

Signature Moves: "The Fry", The Mike Fry (Breathless) - The Series

Private and group dance lessons available.



Choreographer, teacher, and dancer, began dancing at the age of thirteen years old. At the age of sixteen he was introduced to the underground dance styles and scene after going to clubs in Philadelphia. After mastering his own unique dance style, Michael began featuring his ability in the underground scene known as the circle (circle dancing) as well as in the commercial scene on stage. Soon Michael began showcasing his ability to choreograph and dance for featured artists and established entertainment firms within the Philadelphia area. It was the talents of fellow dancers along the way that inspired Michael to develop his own dance crew known as Mesmerizing Motions. A dance crew that incorporates innovated, improvisation and freestyle dancing, along with other dance styles and entertainers. Mesmerizing Motions continues to perform in front of a live audience at corporate events, private parties and fundraisers.

After Michael finished school, he started traveling around the world showcasing his many talents. In the year 2000, he founded the company “The Floor Is All Yours” and the an entertainment, service, promotional and reference company for individuals in the entertainment and fitness industry which he presently continues to operate and expand. Most recently, Michael has added a motivational portion to the company where he personally provides motivational tools such as dance videos, blogs, write-ups, sample workouts and more to the general public geared to all ability levels and personality types.

Currently, Michael is still dancing and teaching, working privately and with groups. He continues to collaborate with other dancers and fitness experts to form meet-ups, share ideas, and to continually grow and evolve himself. Michael continues to build The Floor Is All Yours and his career as a dancer and fitness instructor by incorporating various dance styles and cardio routines crossing the dance world over to the fitness industry, known as Mesmerizing Fitness. As you can see Michael is not close to stopping and is always looking for the next evolution in movement to expand his library and vocabulary so he can share his expertise with others who want to do the same.

Teaching Philosophy
Dance is a form of unspoken communication that frames the artwork of one’s inner self. Dance allows individuals to express their emotions, discover new worlds and seek acceptance in ways they may have not thought obtainable. The art of dance, as well as the instructor, provide the avenues needed in class for students to feel the freedom of movement, expression and creative voice. It is the instructors responsibility to provide an uplifting, safe and inspirational environment with the foundation needed for all students, no matter the ability, to reach their full potential while building their confidence and trust along the way. The ultimate goal is for all of these avenues, emotions, movements and new found freedoms to allow students to inhale the breath of enthusiasm in order to exhale their own unique dance voice.

Class Description
Mesmerizing Motions:
Beginner, intermediate, advance:

This class incorporates, innovation, improvisation, hip hop, funk and house. You will be taught various dance styles, footwork, steps, and spin routines. You will use different tools such as expression, body movements and self-confidence to improve your dancing. You will move to various choreographed routines where the uplifting beats will help you obtain muscle memory. You will walk away with the tools needed to apply your dance skills to all genres of music. Besides learning you will be supported in an established inspirational environment where you will discover a blue print of yourself and obtain the confidence needed to show everyone that the floor is all yours.

Please contact us for more information.

Interview and Notes

Michael Fry is a self-taught innovated freelance and freestyle dancer, and has been dancing since 1993. He works on footwork, steps, dance moves, spins, effects, cardio, self-confidence, new ideas, body movements, stretches and much more. Mike has respect for all types of dancers and is always giving acknowledgment to those who are trying; he knows that there are a lot of great dancers out in the public eye. Mike is far from great, so he takes advantage of his free time to practice and create one unique style.

He sees a lot of competition in the dance scene and the best advice he can give to people that are trying to get better is:

  • Never compare yourself to someone else.
  • Don't put yourself down.
  • Give credit where credit is due.
  • Always admit when someone is better than you.
  • Don't make fun of people that are trying.
  • Feel the music. Let the music move you; don't move yourself.
  • Envision yourself on the floor; the more you enjoy yourself the better dancer you will be.
  • Be as original as you can.

Mike gets respect from female and male dancers. Through his years of dancing he has been criticized but he knows it is sometimes unintentional and only human nature. He tries his best not to criticize people for how they dance because everyone has to start from the beginning; and he is always giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Notes: Mike says dancing is an art! Visually and Mentally!
Dancing is also about One Love and A Great Vibe!

Mike has been a backup dancer for "Unique" Monique Luken's performances. He took some ballroom classes and is knowledgeable in the basic Fox-trot, Rumba, Cha-cha, Salsa, Meringue, Waltz, Swing (triple step), East Coast Swing, Samba, Mamba and Tango. Mike has also danced for Bobby Morganstein Production for a short time.

Q: How did you get to your level of dancing and what makes you think you will be dancing until you die?
A: "I would see dancers on TV and imitate them; then when I was old enough to get in the clubs I saw dancers doing different moves and styles. Everywhere I went I saw different things, but they were the same in a way. So I started working on what I could do; not what everyone else was doing at the time. There were a few of us that would go to the clubs and just do our own thing. We didn't get much respect at first, but over the years we started getting respect. I not saying that I'm different, but you know how it is, when you are a new person in the area, and you aren't doing what is popular at that time people will judge you. I been dancing all over the world and I see it's better to do your own thing. As a self-taught dancer my whole life it's hard to have people understand what I'm doing on the dance floor. Every time I'm on the floor I am trying something new. I try to keep the audience guessing on what's coming next. I have a lot of ideas in my head, but most of the time I am afraid to show it because some people don't understand. Dancing is my life, and people like me understand what it means to feel the music. Everyone tells me don't worry about what people think. I hear this all the time, and I try to follow those words; but there is a lot of competition out there. No matter if they think l am better than other dancers; I'll never admit that I am better than anyone else, because I'm not. I am just one of many and there are a lot of great dancers out there. They have to be seen; I seen a lot of them and I know a lot of them. Right now I would tell you that I would dance until I die, because all the ideas I have. I want to show them or when I put a production together other dancers will show my ideas. I hate to say it; but if something happens to me where I can't use my arms, legs, etc. I have ideas put aside, so I can still dance. Which makes me want to teach or help people with disabilities that love and want to dance. No matter what, I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. I always tell everyone one day In the club, I will be dancing and I will be doing a move and I will pass-over and die. It will be my best move that I ever did and I will not be able to appreciate it. Hopefully nothing like that happens in the future. Until I don't want to dance anymore I will dance forever."

Q: What are some techniques you use to improve your dancing?
A: "Sometimes I sit around and close my eyes and see the move being done or the style being perform; then I would try to put it to reality. Some other ways are:

• MUSIC: I use different types of music to practice different styles and moves. For example I might use a jazz sound for a spin and for a flow type of style. A drum beat for footwork, and so on.

• STRETCHES I might use stretches and cross them over into dance moves.

• PROPS: Using props will help your style, because you have to concentrate more on the prop; which means you have to have your style perfect for the prop to work right.

• EXPRESSIONS: One of the most important parts of dancing. I try to express myself from my toes to my fingertips. If I know the song I will sing it, which helps me become part of the song. If It's telling a story I will act out the story. I use facial expressions as well. I might growl, yell, frown, or smile.

"There are a lot of techniques I use and I can list them forever; but the best technique is being original. To achieve originality I think you should do what you know how to do first; then work on what you want to do. Ask how a certain move is done, or how to improve you style. But remember doing more advance dancing you have to practice, eat right, and have good cardio. By taking all these different ways, constructive criticism to the fullest, dancing from the heart and much more into consideration helps me become a better dancer."

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