Dance moves presented by Michael Fry
Freestyle moves (more to come)
  • The Fry
  • The Mike Fry (Breathless) - "The Series"
  • The Walking Scissors
  • The Paralyze Walk
  • The Headache/with arms and without arms
  • The Roll - Up Series
  • The Backache
  • The Curry
  • Jim Tired
  • The Broken Bridged
  • The Butt Hop
  • Dizzie
  • The One man Roll
Walks and drops/Footwork/Steps (more to come)
  • The Last Movement
  • No Place Like Home
  • Tic-Tock
Puppet Style (coming soon)
The Wall Effect (more to come)
Hat Style (more to come)
  • Fry In The Hat
Under Water Moves (more to come)
Combinations (more to come)