Michael is certified through A.F.A.A. and A.E.A and have worked in the fitness and dance industry for over 15 years. He is the founder and owner of “The Floor Is All Yours”. It was his expertise as a dancer and the motivation he instilled in others that inspired him to develop his own fitness programs. A signature jump rope interval class, boot camp class, and strength training class. Michael is not close to stopping and is always looking for the next evolution in fitness, so he can share his expertise with others who want to do the same. He has recently expanded to aqua to develop shallow water aqua fit classes.


“Teardrop and Sweat” Effect-Jump rope intervals


Class Description:

Jump roping can make up lose up to 700 calories. This class incorporates interval training, footwork and jump rope techniques, along with a high cardio workout; within an energetic atmosphere. Besides jump roping, you will be taught various workout routines using your jump rope along with balance, endurance and confidence. You will walk away with the tools needed in order to establish a daily routine. Besides the increase in stamina you will gain confidence in an established inspirational environment.


Beginner, intermediate, advance

What you would need:

• Jump rope • Towel • Comfortable shoes • Mat(optional)


Q: How did you come up with the name “Teardrop and Sweat” Effect?

A: Since we will be jump roping for certain periods of a time it will cause you to sweat, and during the intervals we focus on various exercises that target various muscle groups. So the next day you will be sore from the class. Sometimes you will be so sore it will be hard to walk or move. And all this effects everyone differently. So that is how I came up with the name, “Teardrop and Sweat” Effect. But itʼs more or a play on words more than anything.

Q: Can you give me a brief layout of a class and how is this class any different then any other jump rope classes?

A: I lay this class out so the main focus is on various footwork and jump rope techniques. And the intervals are base on what footwork variations we are working on at that given time. Also the intervals are fitness related so you get a full body work out at the same time. Before every class I educate everyone on one way to properly measure up their ropes so itʼs the right length and then the proper form to use for jump roping. And then we go from there.

Some jump rope variations I use in the class:

  • Boxerʼs shuffle
  • Heel taps
  • Toe taps
  • Bell hops
  • Crosses
  • Lunges
  • Single leg hops(left/right)
  • Single leg bell hops(left/right)
  • Skiers/moguls • Single leg skiers/moguls(left/right)
  • Forward travel(front/back)
  • Lateral travel(side to side-left/right)
  • Circle
  • Diagonal
  • Zigzag
  • Slow rotations
  • Double unders(both feet/single leg)