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also known as Sha na NA NA naaaa [started by my friend Aaron]
also known as SS
also known as Sha Sha
also known as Sexy [started by the Male Species]
also known as Chicki [started by Brian]
D.O.B.: 04/07/81 Aries
Hobbies: Loving, showing my True Colors, and Enjoying Friendship
Love/Passion: I Love Elements of Nature: wind in my hair, water between my toes, shooting stars...

Other Skills: Anything that requires Imagination, Creativity, and Emotion

Spoken word art available c.d. or download

SHANNAH performs at Oasis Lounge in Smithtown: On Stage


Awards/Credits: Work of Mixed Media: SINGULAR EXPRESSIONS
Poetry Books: NEXT ACT & SOLD OUT
I have also been published with
Provoke Online Magazine
OSFR Literary Blog
Freestyle Vision
Future Plans: I take one Moment at a Time, this Moment is the Future I was hoping for years ago. Life is so fleeting like vanishing vapor, so I Appreciate, Honor, and Rejoice in the only thing that is really certain: Right Here & Right Now. Simply being.

Interview and Notes

Q: They say writing is a powerfully tool, from your experience why do you think it is a powerfully tool?

A: Words are Forces that can Raise Up. Or bring down. Make a happy memory or break a heart. Heal a wound or put salt in it.

Q: What type of writing do you like to write or what type of writer do you consider yourself?

A: I am an Abstract writer...because I am an Abstract thinker. Writing is an Art: I take it seriously, but in the most playful sense :)

Q: From you experience what is the easiest and the hardest thing about writing?

A: What's easiest is writing simply feels Natural. Like breathing. What's knowing when to stop!

Q: How long have you been involved in writing and who or what influences you?

A: I have been writing since I could hold a pencil. My inspiration to write was birthed out of necessity. As a teenager my writing was almost an obsessive habit. I piled journal on top of journal. I needed a Secret Place where my Private Thoughts were safe. I was not allowed to go out with guys [my daddy decided] when I was in junior high and a freshman in high school. So, I wrote about my crushes...and when I was kissed, I needed to keep it a secret.

Q: What are some things you can recommend to someone that is interested in becoming a writing of some kind?

A: Observe, Listen, and use all your Senses. Because this is the stuff that creates thoughts and thoughts yield words. Also, have the courage to go with your gut feelings, let that guide you. Your intention should be to Reveal your Unique Self: show a world view that is entirely your own.

Q: How does writing effect your everyday life?

A: Every day I write, even when I am not writing. Huh? The wheels in my head are turning, thoughts are rolling. I let them sit a while--they're baking! By the time I pick up my pen, I am a bubbling fountain, and the words simply spill over.

Q: In your own words, phases, sentences, or paragraphs give me a brief description on how you can inspirer someone by using your talent?

A: My word stir up the reader's thoughts, he has to ponder. He reflects upon and is moved by my poetic verses.

Photo by Marty Acampora

Photos by Marty Acampora