Disc Jockey - Music Producer


Contact Info:
Name: Saul
DOB: (Aquarius)
Hobbies: Dancing, DJing, bowling, chef, basketball, poetry
Love/Passion: universal in all types of music but loves House, Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass
Favorite Song: "Still in Love with You" - Melissa Morgan (Maw House Mix)
Favorite Clubs: Shelter - NYC
Future Plan: to produce his own tracks
Samples: lady-t.wma, n-bs.wma
For bookings and inquires please contact Saul

Interview and Notes

Winterfrost can make it happen on the turntables. He knows what it takes to keep the dancers in motion on the floor with his DJ experience.

Saul has been DJing for a long time and has had turntables since he was four years old. He spins House, Hip-Hop and Drum & Bass. His brother influenced him to DJ. His brother spun Hip-Hop. His sister got him into House music. Saul's other House influences were his friends DJ Randy Flash, DJ Front and DJ Terrell. All three are excellent.

The first 12-inch House record Saul bought was "Alright" by Urban Soul and the second was "Lift" by Ever Voice and "Sing" by Mas Order.

Some techniques Saul uses to improve his DJing are:
• He hears the other song in his head that will go great with another song.
• He counts the beats in his head, which helps immensely.
These things come from years of practicing and being around great producers.

Saul's idea of what makes a good DJ is:
"You have to have love for it. You have to feel it." He states, "you can't force yourself to spin a certain record or song if you are not feeling it. So do what you feel and after a while when you want to make a hot mix it will come out great when you least expect it. Basically it has to be in your heart and soul."

Q: There is a lot of competition out there. If someone came to you, what advice would you give them to better themselves and how to cope with the negativity?
A: "I'd ask 'how badly do you want it and want to give it when you are doing bad?' I've had great CDs and then I had train wrecks where I would take the CD and break it in half. It's the desire I hold inside me, that I know I can make a hot CD and I've done it before. So don't give up on the dream of being a hot DJ. Just do your thing and after a while you will be trying new things no one would ever think of."

Notes: "I would like to thank Mike "Whatdahell" Fry for putting me on the Web site. I've known him for years, not sure the full amount but he's a great guy and a cool cat. So when you hear my stuff on his Web site please give a shout to him for putting me on so people all over the world can hear my sound and future things to come from me and members of the crew."

"If you ever want to email me hit me up at
*Peace and love from Philly to everyone.*"
Saul W. A.K.A. Winterfrost