Dancer-Houser/Pop and Lock

Contact Info:
Name: Saul
DOB: (Aquarius)
Hobbies: Dancing, DJing, bowling, chef, basketball, poetry
Love/Passion: universal in all types of music but loves House, Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass
Favorite Song: "Still in Love with You" - Melissa Morgan (Maw House Mix)
Favorite Clubs: Shelter - NYC
Future Plan: to produce his own tracks

Interview and Notes

You play the right song and watch out! Saul dominates the dance floor. His domination is like his DJ experience, by keeping himself in motion until the final beat.

Saul Dances House and loves to Pop-and-Lock.

Saul dances House and loves to Pop and Lock. Saul has been dancing in House and Hip-Hop clubs since he was twelve. His influence was his brother and sister because they both knew how to pop. Saul was no older than five before he was doing it. By watching the shows "What's Happening" and "Soul Train", he was influenced and learned to lock.

Saul feels he may be at the end of the road but always loves to dance and always will. Some techniques he uses to improve his dancing are:
• He sees the move first in his mind when he hears a great song
• Counts the beats in his head, which helps immensely.

Saul's idea of what makes a good dancer:
"You have to have love for it. You have to feel it." He states, "you can't force yourself to dance a certain way if you are not feeling it. So do what you feel and after a while when you want to do a hot dance move it will come out great when you least expect it. Basically it has to be in your heart and soul."

Q: There is a lot of competition out there. If someone came to you, what advice would you give them to better themselves and how to cope with the negativity?
A: "I'd ask 'how badly do you want it and want to give it. I've battled dancers from Philly, DC, Jersey, Florida, Maryland and New York. You can dominate and have a great time when you are battling; know you won the battle but the majority of the time you give each other props for going out there to have a great time. Sometimes you have very arrogant dancers that think that their stuff doesn't stink. That is not what dancing is about. I really learned that when I went to NYC and danced against and with "Elite Force" who are dancers that will make your mouth drop. They gave me BIG props the first night I ever danced in "The Shelter" nightclub. It was like 'wow!' 'I really appreciated that'. So don't give up with the dream of being a hot dancer. Just do your own thing and after a while you will be trying new things no one would ever think of."

Notes: I would like to thank Mike "Whatdahell" Fry for putting me on the Web site. I've known him for years, not sure the full amount but he's a great guy and a cool cat. So when you hear my stuff on his Web site please give a shout to him for putting me on so people all over the world can see my dance moves, style and future things to come from me and members of the crew.

I would like to add that dancers like ourselves have a lifestyle as we are just like everyone else, but when we are on the dance floor feeling the music, we really don’t care if people look at us and think we are crazy, we are just doing something that we live, that is in our heart, something that we love; and show through the emotion of what music does to our soul. This is what we live.


"If you ever want to email me hit me up at
*Peace and love from Philly to everyone.*"
Saul W. A.K.A. Winterfrost