Dancer - Ballet

(photo by Saswat Pattanayak)

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DOB: April 7th 1981 Aries
Hobbies: Loving, showing my True Colors, and Enjoying Friendship
Love/Passion: I Love Elements of Nature: wind in my hair, water between my toes, shooting stars...
OTHER SKILLS: Anything that requires Imagination, Creativity, and Emotion
Awards/Credits: Ballet Solo at The Arbor Rehabilitation Center; Ballet Solo in TIME a DVD for Ann Mercedes Annual Recital; Ballet, Gymnastics, and Hip-Hop combo in group dance performance opening at The Long Island Ducks baseball game
Future Plans: I take one Moment at a Time, this Moment is the Future I was hoping for years ago. Life is so fleeting like vanishing vapor, so I Appreciate, Honor, and Rejoice in the only thing that is really certain: Right Here & Right Now. Simply being.

Interview and Notes

Q: What type of dancer do you consider yourself?

A: A Cathartic Abstract Expressionist dancer: my body reveals a feeling, casts a mood like a spell, and may send a message or tell a story.

Q: Who or what are your influences?

A: *Ann Mercedes: my ballet teacher, choreographer, costume stylist, and beautiful friend.

*Stephen Silberling: a lawyer--but we'd much rather talk about ballet than about law. The desire to begin training as a dancer stirred every time Stephen would take me to Lincoln Center. Stephen always supported my need to dance and he made sure I got to my very first performance--on time--rolling in with him in his Mercedes.

*Dr King: my psychiatrist--because without his help I might not be dancing at all. What I mean is--he helped restore my will to live. And a dead girl just aint much of a dancer! :) !

*The ones who believed in me before I even took my first step:

My Cousin Rosalie who said that NOW IS THE TIME.

My Cousin Rob who said I should GO FOR IT!

Q: What is the hardest and the easiest thing about ballet?

A: Being in Pointe Shoes is both the hardest and easiest aspect of ballet. It's torture and bliss at the same time. It's like a bitter sweet pill. It hurts so good. It's wicked, yet it's sublime.

Q: How has ballet effected your everyday life?

A: I have more respect for the art-form, and for myself as a living expression of the art. Life is easy as pie after pointe!

Q: What is your favorite thing about ballet?

A: The grace and elegance of the art-form.

Q: What is your favorite ballet step?

A: Any move that gets my toes off the ground: I just love to leap!--it gives me a sensation of flying.

Q: Why do you dance?

A: Why not dance?--I don't see any good reason why I shouldn't, so that is why I do. And once a dancer, always a least for as long as the body is willing and able. I'm hooked on dancing.

Q: What do you think makes a good dancer?

A: A good dancer lets mood take reigns of her body and she allows the rhythm of the music to penetrate her body. And she always trust her Instincts and Artistic-Impulse.