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Boston Tap Company
De Jump Up Crew (Soca Dancer)
Former Dance Captain and Tap Dancer for Undertoe Dance Project,
Guest Performer with Sean Fielder's Boston Tap Company,
Current Tap Dancer with Shelby Kaufman's Mazel Toes and
Current Tap Dancer with Germaine Salsberg's Les Femmes.


Former Dance Captain and Tap Dancer for Undertoe Dance Project, Guest Performer with Sean Fielder's Boston Tap Company, Current Tap Dancer with Shelby Kaufman's Mazel Toes and Current Tap Dancer with Germaine Salsberg's Les Femmes.

My credits include:
Dancing in Broadway Underground at BB Kings (choreography by Jared Grimes), dancing for choreographer, Felipe Galganni, guest performing with Max Pollack's Rumba Tap, and dancing in Tap City for choreographer Tamii Sakurai. I also tapped in Broadway Dance Center's Step Up 3D promotional video contest for choreographer Michelle Dorrance, tapped in Jason Janus' first instructional DVD filmed in Antwerp, Belgium, and danced in Aaron Tolson's Sole Power Promotional Video.

performed in Tap City for Felipe Galgani, Max Pollak and Tamii Sakurai.
Featured in a So Danca Article.

Name: Nicole Ohr

D.O.B.: December 15, 1985 (Sagittarius)

Located: Astoria, NY

Hobbies: Swimming, Listening to Live Music, Long Walks, Exploring new places.

Love/Passion: Dance, Music

Awards/Credits: Professional Tap Dancer/Dance Captain (Undertoe Dance Project)
Professional Tap Dancer/Dance Captain (Mazel Toes Tap Dance Company)
Professional Tap Dancer (Boston Tap)
Tap Dancer in the Broadway Dance Center Step Up 3D Promotional Video (Michelle Dorrance Choreography)
Tap Dancer at Broadway Underground (Jared Grimes Choreography)
Symphony Space Main Event (Shelby Kaufman Choreography)
Run the Night at the Highline Ballroom, The Pulse on Tour and Jacobs Pillow.

Other skills: Oboe, Swimming

Future Plans: Performing, Teaching and Choreographing all over the world.

Performance Videos:

Fuga - The Beginning of a Journey

Birds Flying High

Official Step Up 3D Dance Dub entry form Broadway Dance Center, New York

Funk Sweet! performed by Undertoe Dance Project

“Clocks” Choreographed by Shelby Kaufman

Shelby Kaufmanʼs “Danced All Night”-Tap Extravaganza

Ingrid Michaelsonʼs “The Chain”-Choreographed by Shelb Kaufman

“So Gone” Choreographed by Jared Grimes

Talk: Tribute to world renowned speed pathologist Nancy Kaufam


Other Videos:
"All I Need" Choreographed by Arleigh Rothenberg


Nicole Ohr is a professional tap dancer based in NYC. She was the Tap Dance Captain of Undertoe Dance Project and Mazel Toes Dance Company and has also performed with Boston Tap Company. She's had the opportunity of working with choreographers such as Felipe Galganni, Jared Grimes and Max Pollak, along with performing in shows such as Broadway Underground at B.B. King’s, the Main Event, Tap and Song and Rhythm in Motion at Symphony Space, Jacob’s Pillow, and The PULSE on Tour . You can find Nicole tapping in the Step Up 3D Broadway Dance Center’s promotional video, Jason Janas' upcoming instructional DVD, Aaron Tolson's Solepower promo video and in a So Danca article which featured an interview with Nicole. As a choreographer, Nicole has had her work presented at the Undertoe Dance New York Season, The Astoria Dance Festival, Jared Grimes' Run The Night and Justin Boccitto's Choreographer's Canvas, Dance Astoria, Choreographers' Collective and Queensboro Dance Festival. She is also the co-producer of Dance Astoria, a dance festival held annually at Bohemian Hall. As a teacher, she has had the opportunity to assist Barbara Duffy at Tap City (NY City Tap Festival) and is currently working as a dance Instructor and choreographer (various styles) in Connecticut and throughout the NYC area along with being a teaching artist for the Joffrey Ballet Miami Summer Intensive, for Undertoe Dance Company's Tappy Hour® and a sub at Peridance, Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan.

Interview and Notes

Q:From your experience what is the hardest and easiest thing about dancing in general?

A: The hardest thing about dancing is not getting discouraged or frustrated when making mistakes. The easiest thing about dancing is finding the love in it everyday.

Q: What do you think is one of the most important things about dancing, and what do you think makes a good dancer?

A: The most important part about dancing is being yourself and reflecting what you feel when you perform. That's what also makes a good dancer; being in the moment and expressing your true inner self.

Q: What is one of your favorite things about dancing?

A: My favorite thing about dancing is that it's an outlet for everything I feel.

Q: What style of dance(s) do you dance?

A: I dance Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern and Tap Dance.

Q: What is your favorite style of dance and why?

A: My favorite style is Tap Dance. I love making music.

Q: What is one of your favorite things about performing?

A: What I love about performing is the intense energy onstage between the performers and the audience.

Q: There is a lot of competition in the industry, what advice would you give to someone to better themselves, and to cope with the competition and negativity as a dancer and performer?

A: There is a lot of competition out there and always someone who you feel is better. Instead of being discouraged, let these people inspire you to become better and try to learn from them.

Q: In your own words, phases, sentences, or paragraphs, give me a description on how you can inspirer someone that wants to be a dancer and performer?

A: Just stay focused and never let others get the best of you. If you want it, put in all your effort and heart to get it.