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Boston Tap Company
De Jump Up Crew (Soca Dancer)
Former Dance Captain and Tap Dancer for Undertoe Dance Project,
Guest Performer with Sean Fielder's Boston Tap Company,
Current Tap Dancer with Shelby Kaufman's Mazel Toes and
Current Tap Dancer with Germaine Salsberg's Les Femmes.


  • Former Tap Dance Captain and Tap Dancer with Undertoe Dance Project
  • Guest Performer with Sean Fielder's Boston Tap Company
  • Tap Dance Captain and Tap Dancer with Shelby Kaufman's Mazel Toes
  • Tap Dancer with Germaine Salsberg's Les Femmes
  • Tap Dancer with Tamii Sakurai's Tam Fam

My credits include:

  • Broadway Underground (2009) - Choreography by Jared Grimes
  • Broadway Dance Center's Step Up 3D (2010) Choreography by Michelle Dorrance
  • Jason Janus's Instructional Video (2014) Choreography by Jason Janas
  • Tap City (2014-2019) Choreography by Felipe Galganni, Max Pollak and Tamii Sakurai
  • Summer Vibez (2020) Choreography by Max Pollak

Featured in a So Danca Contest winner

Name: Nicole Ohr

D.O.B.: December 15, 1985

Located: Astoria, NY

Hobbies: Exploring New Places, Walking Over Bridges, Puzzles

Love/Passion: Dance and Music

Awards/Credits: Professional Tap Dancer / Choreographer/ Dance Educator

Other skills: Playing the oboe, Swimming

Future Plans: I'm currently finishing my MA in Dance Education. I plan to keep pushing for stronger tap dance education in dance studios and hopefully getting tap dance education into the school systems in NYC. I also plan to continue performing!

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Nicole Ohr is a professional tap dancer/choreographer/teacher based in NYC. She's had the opportunity of performing with choreographers such as Felipe Galganni, Jared Grimes, Max Pollak and Tamii Sakurai, and has guest performed with Sean Fielder's Boston Tap Company. She was the Tap Dance Captain of Undertoe Dance Project and is a current member of Germaine Salsberg's Les Femmes and Cole Collective (which she is Artistic Director of). As a choreographer, her choreography has been presented in various dance festivals in NYC. Nicole is also the producer of Dance Astoria, a dance festival held annually in Astoria, Queens at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden.

Interview and Notes

Q: From your experience, what is the hardest and easiest thing about dancing in general?

A: I think the hardest thing about dancing is not getting in your head and not comparing yourself to others. The easiest thing about dancing is finding the love and joy in it. Dancing instantly brings me happiness.

Q: What do you think is one of the most important things about dancing, and what do you think makes a good dancer?

A: The most important part about dancing is knowing and understanding your art form and finding your own voice within it. A good dancer is one who commits to the movement and finds themself immersed in it.

Q: What is one of your favorite things about dancing?

A: Dancing is a means to express and it can be done anywhere.

Q: What style of dance do you perform?

A: I'm trained in ballet, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, modern and tap dance. Currently, I'm performing as a tap dancer. 

Q: What is your favorite style of dance and why?

A: My favorite style of dance is tap dance. There is such a strong history to the art form and I find that tap dance doesn't discriminate. It's an art form which unites all different cultures. Plus, tap dance unites my two loves; movement and music.

Q: What is one of your favorite things about performing?

A: I love the energy that is created on the stage!

Q: There is a lot of competition in the industry, what advice would you give someone to better themselves, and to cope with the competition and negativity as a dancer and performer?

A: This is a difficult question. Especially with social media, we are constantly confronted with competition and negativity. I find that it is important to spend a lot of alone time in the studio just playing, without an actual end goal in mind. You don't always have to impress everyone else. It's good just to get into the studio to do what you love, because you love it and it makes you feel good. Journaling also helps a lot to keep me focused.

Q: In your own words, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs, give me a description on how you can inspire someone that wants to be a dancer and performer?

A: Just stay focused and never let others get the best of you. If you want it, put in all your effort and heart to get it. Also, it's important to create your own goals and opportunities. As a very petite dancer, I don't always get casted but I found by creating my own choreography, I've been able to create my own opportunities in the industry.