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Name: Laura London
DOB (sign): Taurus
Located: South Florida
Hobbies: Fitness, Reading, Cycling, Travel & Cooking
Love/Passion: Inspiring woman to live their best life at any age

Future Plans: Wellness Retreat, Clothing Line, On-Line Fitness membership group

Awards/Credits: Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Practitioner, Sign Language Degree, Reflexology Certified, Published Author and Fitness Model
Other Skills: Wife & Mom of 3 :)
Contact info: • 561-843-44479

By trade I am a Board Certified Health Counselor (AADP), Hot and Healthy Body Weight Loss Coach, speaker, and a sought-after fitness personality. But really, I am a fun loving free spirit, a wife of over 25 years, and a mom of 3, who decided to step out of her comfort zone and reinvent her health, body and life in her 40s. I have not looked back since.

I truly believe that everyone is here on this earth for a certain purpose. Sometimes we know it right away and sometimes it takes us a lifetime to figure out. Well, I fall right there in the middle I found my purpose and my passion at 43.

Reaching my forties, I was tired, out of shape, overweight and not feeling good about myself. Fat was starting to accumulate in places I never had it before. My hormones were out of control and I was addicted to sugar. I also had a very painful disk issue in my lower back. Feeling like there had to be more I decided to make a change in my life. I cleaned up my diet taking out all processed foods and only eating whole foods from "mother nature". I transformed my out of shape body into a healthy fit and toned one. Growing up as a child I never even played any sports because my brother was a hemophiliac.

At first I started walking, then I joined the gym. Slowly I was getting stronger and my body started to change I gave clean eating and exercising 100%. The changes in my body were amazing. I wrote down my goals and read them everyday. I kept a journal of everything I ate and an exercise log. I posted motivational pictures around the house. I read everything I could get my hand on about health and nutrition. I even turned my car into a mobile learning center listening to books on tape. People kept asking me what I was doing!

From there I started to compete in figure competitions and started fitness modeling. At 45 I had the honor of being on the cover of The Platform Magazine and being published in many fitness magazines and being part of an exercises DVD. It has been an amazing journey of what I was capable of. If anyone had told me I would be doing any of these things, I would have told them, oh, no not me I am just Laura. My point is that you are never to old and it is never to late to go after any dream you want.

My passion is to help motivate and inspired others to be their best at any age.


Laura London
NSCA-CPTNationally Certified Personal Trainer
National Level Figure Competitor

Competition History

June - 2010 NPC Jr. Nationals
13th Place Open Figure

June - 2010 NPC Anna Level Figure
3rd Place Open Figure
4th Place Master Figure

April - 2010 NPC Diamond Classic Figure
1st Place Masters Figure
2nd Place Open Figure

March - 2010 NPC Europa Show of Champions, Orlando FL
1st Place Masters Figure
2nd Place Cover Model Contest
4th Place Open Figure

March - 2010 NPC Sunshine - CJ Figure Classic
1st Place Masters Figure
1st Place Open Figure

October - 2009 NPC Gold Cup Classic
3rd Place Open Figure

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