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Name: Kimberly
DOB: 3/30/78
Hobbies: dance, singing, bike riding
Love/Passion: dancing
Favorite Clubs: Club Tru - Atlantic City, NJ, Studio Six - Atlantic City, NJ, Casbah, Exit - NYC
Would Like to Visit: Sound Factory - NYC

Interview and Notes

Kim considers herself a freelance dancer. She dances to house and trance. She started dancing at the age of four. Starting with ballet and tap she later moved into jazz classes. Kim always loves to dance but never had a day off. She attended school Monday through Friday, dance class on Saturday and then Sunday School. She never slept in or played so she decided to stop going to dance school something she regrets now. Maybe she would have pursued it as a career. She now looks forward to going out and dancing. She says you can dance many ways but she prefers to dance from the heart.

Q: Do you get more respect from male or female dancers?
A: I get respect from both, probably more from guys. Females are too insecure or jealous to pay a compliment but I have met many friends (long term) this way.

Q: What do you think makes a good dancer?
A: Someone who remains focused, who's not intimidated and doesn't let people with huge egos make them stand still. Anyone and everyone is a good dancer when it's from the inside. Believe in yourself.

Kim never prejudges people when she sees them dancing; and always gives them credit they deserve. In return you should give her credit because she will impress you with her attitude and dance style.