Dancer - Chef (Pastry)


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Name: Kevin Curry
DOB: 1/2/76 (Capricorn)
Hobbies: Listening to mesmerizing music, mountain bike riding, basketball, kung-fu, playing pool
Obsession: 1) being able to live 2) pastries
Admires: 1) his mother 2) Bruce Lee
Signature Move: "The Box"
One of his favorite songs: "Push the Feeling On" - Nightcrawlers
Favorite Clubs: Gas - Sidney Australia, Home - Sidney Australia, Zouk - Singapore, Coliseum - KL, Shampoo - Philly
Would Like to Visit: Gate Crasher - Shanghai
  Future Plan: Continue to live around the world, to be on the 2005 or 2007 US Pastries World Team in Lyon France, get a teaching degree in the pastry arts, open an organic pastry/coffee/pool hall

Dancer -
Kevin takes his pastries experience to the dance floor by giving you one unique dance style. His style is like no other combining years of pastries and dance, you get one imaginary masterpiece of art that can stand alone like no other on the dance floor.

Kevin considers himself a floater in the dance scene.

Chef (Pastry) -
A pastry chef is an understatement for this guy. Kevin is one of the best pastry chefs around, if not the best. His dedication in the kitchen sure shows when he presents his deserts in the dining area. His finished product is creative in a way you can't explain. You have to see it to understand!