Contact Info:

Name: Johanna Philio
DOB: April 27th 1984
Hobbies: Besides music, I love hiking, canoeing, and most recently... fantasy football!
Love/Passion: Singing and writing songs that glorify God and bring people closer to Him.
Other Skills: I play cello, and I have about a dozen salmon recipes.

Johanna Philio is a Christian artist in NYC. She composes her own material, and is passionate about sharing the love of Christ through music.
Jesus Christ is the only subject worth singing about, as far as Johanna is concerned, because she know that the truth and the joy that comes from knowing Him changes hearts and lives.
Johanna describes herself as "just a young woman living for God in a world that needs Him." She sings as well as plays the cello. Sometimes Johanna writes about things that make her happy, sometimes she writes about things that hurt deeply. Either way, her songs are different because they are always honest, and even Johanna's saddest songs are laced with hope.

- When did you start singing and who was/is your influence(s)?
I grew up singing in church, which was a great place to start. I've been a huge fan of Newsboys, Crystal Lewis, and Switchfoot for years. Crystal Lewis is probably the artist I admire most in the music industry.

- What do you think is the hardest thing about singing and what do you think is the easiest thing about singing from your personal experience?
The hardest things for me are always the things you can't prepare for. Once I had a fire alarm drill in the middle of a show... what can you do? It's a tough situation. The easiest things are getting on stage when you have a song you know is going to
reach people and you've practiced a zillion times. When you just know it's going to be a good show.

- From your knowledge and experience what advice can you recommend to someone who is starting out in the music industry?
Read contracts and do your homework! The Internet is a powerful tool. Research everything and everyone. Oh, and if it looks like a scam, it totally is.

- What are some things you do, so your talent doesn't get the best of you?
As soon as you get too arrogant or try to show off, you're going to fall on your face. For me, as a Christian artist, it means praying all the time and remembering that I'm there to glorify Jesus, not myself.

- What do you think makes a good singer?
Hard work. Period.