Dancer - Choreographer
Dancer-Hip hop, Lyrical hip hop, Contemporary, Ballet

Contact Info:
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Name: Jino Fort

Other Skills:
Model, Choreographer, Actor


Interview and Notes

Q: What type of dance style do you dance?

A: I dance Hip hop, Lyrical hip hop, Contemporary, and a tiny bit of Ballet.

Q: Can you give us a brief description of yourself?

A: I am part of the Zulu Nation Chapter 30. I choreograph for several workshops and events. I been in music videos that aired on t.v. (B.E.T. Gospel “G.I.’s Get Up” video).

I also performed at Universoul Circus with a crew from the routine I came up with. I worked with upcoming artist and taught at several venues. I also am a dope freestyler too. I know how to separate battling, freestyling and choreography.

Notes: I am a dancer and choreographer that practices his craft everyday. I am going to purse dance as a living and I am not stopping till I reach my goal. My passion to entertain and inspire goes above everyone. I also am very musical and can act too. A talented individual in all style and sports/sports is what you can say about me.

Q: Jino you say that you are also an actor, so what type of acting do you prefer?

A: I can go off the top of a script. I prefer the goofy role but, I can work with anything cause I can switch my mood and tones on cue.

Q: What type of choreography do you teach?

A: The choreography I give out can be anything from the West coast to the East coast. I am more familiar with the L.A. style but, can teach other styles as well