Latin and Brazilian Dance


Name: Jenny Geeks'
DOB: 4/8/82
Hobbies: Dancing, yoga, biking, pilates, reading, and cafts.
Love/Passion: Performing, Just being in front of a crowd.
Other skills: Stage combat, bullwhip cracking, highfalls, and fire dancing.

Awards/Credits: Team leader for many casts, and have received many awards in dance competitions.

Notes: A.F.A.A. Certificate

Professional Highlights:

Current co-owner and operator of Aura Dance Studio in Morrisville, NC
Current co-owner, director, choreographer and dancer for Triangle Dancers in NC
Current director, choreographer, and dancer for NC Brazilian Arts Project
Current Officer and Organizer for BailaCura Dance Festival

Jenny started dancing at a young age as a technical dancer training in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and acrobatics. Performing and competing before graduation, she found herself choreographing and teaching for her local dance studio, as well as leading her High school dance and color guard teams. In college, she studied dance at the University of Massachusetts and Boston, and was accepted into the Boston Ballet internship program where she spent a full year training and taking classes almost every day of the week. She auditioned for a position with Six Flags at this time, and was accepted right away. She spent 7 years performing as a dancer, magician's assistant, and stunt performer traveling across the US for live shows. After retiring from full-time performance duties, she found herself assisting with the grand opening of a local Ballroom Studio to North Carolina, where she currently resides. She taught for multiple years slowly transitioning to the Latin and Brazilian social dance scene. Currently, she owns her own dance studio, Aura, in North Carolina and travels across the country to teach and perform, sharing her passion for dance with as many people as possible.