Name: Jenny Geska
DOB: 4/8/82
Hobbies: Dancing, yoga, biking, pilates, reading, and crafts.
Love/Passion: , Performing, Just being in front of a crowd.
Future Plans: In the process to be a flight attendant, which hopefully opens up many doors, and to keep performing professionally. (In which Jenny will never stop).
Other skills: Stage combat, bullwhip cracking, highfalls, and fire dancing.
Awards/Credits: Team leader for many casts, and have received many awards in dance competition.

Interview and Notes

Q: When did you start dancing and who was your influence/s?
A: I started dancing at the age of 2 and have kept at it ever since, it has always been my favorite thing to be doing.
Notes: "To be able to bring entertainment to others by using my talent is the best feeling anyone could have."

Q: How did you get involved in stunt work?
A: Being a dancer as well as my appearance brought me my first job in stunt work, they kind of go hand in hand the way you follow choreography, so I took a liking to it.

Q: What style of dance do you prefer?
A: I prefer hip-hop and modern, and I like crazy hair-flipping hardcore dance. I also pretty much prefer the same style when I am in front of the camera, crazy grungy photos with attitude are the most fun for me.

Q: What do you think makes a good dance performer?
A: To me, if you can never feel satisfied or that you still need to learn more, then that makes you a good performer. It's that drive to keep excelling; what makes people stand out.

Q: Through the years of your dancing what could you recommend to someone that is starting out in the industry?
A: All I can say is do not give up, it's hard and frustrating, and it takes patience; but in the long run it is always worth it.

Q: There is a lot of competition in the industry, what advice would you give to someone to better themselves, and to cope with the competition and negatively?
A: Open-mindedness is the key, you can never go wrong from learning more and taking all the advice and criticism you can get.

Q: There are a lot of arrogant people in the industry, what advice can you give so that someone's talent doesn't get the best of them?
A: You have to stay grounded. Some people let one success get the best of them. Always remember your roots. Just remember that you are one of many people in the same boat, do not forget who you are and how hard you are, as well as other people; work everyday to get there.