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Name: Michael Fry
DOB: April (Aries)
Hobbies: Skiing, dancing, parkour, gymnastic, traveling, wake-boarding, ballroom/social dancing, working out, fitness, football, softball, baseball, basketball, outdoor life.
Love/Passion: nightlife, dancing, Disc Jockeying, all types of music
Favorite Clubs: Club Shelter - NYC, La Boom-Cancun, Saturn (no longer in existence) - Philly, Daddy O's- Cancun, Pulsations (no longer in existence) - Glenn Mills, Sound Factory - NYC, Evolution (back in the day) - Philly, Living - Montreal, Home - Sydney, Australia
Would Like to Visit: Love Parade - Berlin, Ibiza - Spain, Gatecrasher
Future Plan: Own and operate his own dance studio, music store and nightclub

Pictures of events: Concert
(Assist in stage handling and sound engineering.)

Michael Fry has been Djing since 2000. He spins all genres of music from 1950's to present. One of his goals is to DJ in his own club. Mike knows that he is far from flawless so is always practicing to master his mixing. Mike prefers to spin vinyl and respects all DJs no matter what they spin or how they spin.
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- Pictures of events: Concert (Assist in stage handling and sound engineering.)

Dance Parade and Festival NYC:
Picture of events (Assist in Festival Production and Social Stage Lead, Tompkins Square Park, NYC)

Social Stage 2014 (Hex Hector)

Social Stage 2015 (DJ Rekha, Barbara Tucker, DJ Q)
Social Stage 2016 (Kwikstep and Rokafella)
Social Stage 2017 (Frankie Bones)
Social Stage 2018 (DJ Doc Martin)