Contact Info:
Tel # 201-388-1244


Name: Michael Fry
DOB: April (Aries)
Hobbies: Skiing, dancing, parkour, gymnastic, traveling, wake-boarding, ballroom/social dancing, working out, fitness, football, softball, baseball, basketball, outdoor life.
Love/Passion: nightlife, dancing, Disc Jockeying, all types of music
Favorite Clubs: Club Shelter - NYC, La Boom-Cancun, Saturn (no longer in existence) - Philly, Daddy O's- Cancun, Pulsations (no longer in existence) - Glenn Mills, Sound Factory - NYC, Evolution (back in the day) - Philly, Living - Montreal, Home - Sydney, Australia
Would Like to Visit: Love Parade - Berlin, Ibiza - Spain, Gatecrasher
Future Plan: Own and operate his own dance studio, music store and nightclub