Aqua Instructor-Shallow water
Contact Info:
Tel # 201-388-1244
Name: Michael Fry
DOB: 4/15/74 (Aries)
Hobbies: Skiing, dancing, parkour, gymnastic, traveling, wake-boarding, ballroom/social dancing, working out, fitness, football, softball, baseball, basketball, outdoor life.
Love/Passion: nightlife, dancing, Disc Jockeying, all types of music


Michael is certified through A.F.A.A. and A.E.A and have worked in the fitness and dance industry for over 15 years. He is the founder and owner of “The Floor Is All Yours”. It was his expertise as a dancer and the motivation he instilled in others that inspired him to develop his own fitness programs. A signature jump rope interval class, boot camp class, and strength training class. Michael is not close to stopping and is always looking for the next evolution in fitness, so he can share his expertise with others who want to do the same. He has recently expanded to aqua to develop shallow water aqua fit classes.


Aqua work out / aqua boot camp


Class Description:

This class is a full body work out that uses the water resistances and various equipment to improve strength, endurance, balance and more.


Beginner, intermediate, advance

What you would need:

• Towel • Aqua shoes(optional) • Googles(optional)

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: It all depends on how I lay out may class for that day. I might use foam dumbbells, kicks boards or noodles. Or we might just no use any equipment and use the water resistance instead.

Q:How is the class taught or laid out?

A: This class is a combination of cardio and strength. There might be some jumping or running around in the pool to get the heart rate up. The exercise could be timed out or rep out to make it more challenging. I might focus on strength, using various equipment for more resistance.