Fitness Talent / Fitness Entrepreneur

Name: Emily Zaler
DOB: 1/6/1988 Capricorn
Contact info:
facebook: Emily Zaler and EZWheycookbook

Emily Zaler was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona and grew up with a passion for soccer as well as fitness.
Emily went on to play soccer in both the Pac10 and Big12 conferences, for The University of Oregon, as well as The University of Missouri. After suffering a career-ending injury, Emily is now using her personal experience and passion for fitness to help others reach their fitness and performance goals. Her injury has been a blessing in disguise, as it has now driven her to become a fitness entrepreneur.
As a former Division 1 collegiate soccer player, Emily is now channeling her passion for the game into a new, bold attempt to take the fitness industry by storm.
At only 22 years old, Emily already has experience training Professional Athletes, Miss America contestants, and Collegiate Athletes, as well as general fitness with clients ranging six years old all the way to the age of 70. Emily recently completed an internship at the prestigious Athletes' Performance in Tempe, AZ where she trained professional athletes from a wide range of sports, including NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB superstars. In addition to her passion for fitness, Emily also has an extensive background in nutrition, which she studied as part of the Exercise and Wellness Program at Arizona State University.
Not only a certified trainer and fitness model, Emily's love for cooking and fitness inspired her to create fitness and clean eating recipe book, the EZ Whey. As a Figure Athlete, she has personally experienced how boring and repetitive most typical .contest diets' are. In preparation for her shows, Emily developed delicious, creative recipes that fit into any diet plan, whether for competition or just healthy living. The result is The EZ Whey Cookbook, the hottest spreading cookbook in the fitness industry! All recipes in the cookbook are easy to prepare and a huge improvement over the typical, boring flavors most people and recipes associate with the word diet. The book is not only for competitors, but rather for anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle using simple, easy recipes. All recipes in the book include the macro-nutrient breakdown, so you know
exactly what you are getting nutritionally with each and every one.

Education & Certifications
• B.S. of Exercise and Wellness Arizona State University
• Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE).
• NASM Certified Personal Trainer,National Academy of Sports Medicine (Spring 2010)
• ISSA Sports Nutrition Certification (Spring 2010) International Sports Sciences Association

I am a very self-motivated individual, and love having large goals and obstacles in front of me. As soon as I
reach those goals, I immediately set new goals to work towards. I am also motivated by the fact that others to look to me to lead by example. l love being the motivation for others to reach their goals, whether they are
personal, performance, or fitness related.

I am extremely driven, and inspired when I set a new challenge for myself. I have learned over the past year that anything truly is possible if you have the right mindset and attitude to make it happen. Set big goals for yourself and make them happen. I pride myself on five core values. I challenge you all to find your core values and live by them.
Mine Core Values: Determination, Dedication, Motivation, Discipline, and Drive. Through all these things I will be successful at reaching my goals.

I am also inspired by role models in the industry, such as Clark Bartram. It was only October of 2009 that I met Clark, and I am now honored to be part of his TEAM SCI FIT. Hearing him speak at the Fitness Model
International Conference inspired me to start making things happen. I applied every piece of advice that Clark
and Gary Warren gave us and can now say I am part of the SCI FIT team! In only five months since meeting
Clark, my life has changed. He is a great role model in the industry for me to look up to.

Awards/Credits/Recent Accomplishments:

  • Will have my own column in World Physique Magazine starting the summer issue 2010
  • EZ Whey On the Cover of Spring Issue of World Physique Magazine as well as recipe feature-- in stores end of April
  • Quad Workout Layout - Spring Issue World Physique Magazine-- In stores end of April
  • EZ Whey/ model feature in Physique Magazine-- Feb 2010 Issue
Upcoming Features / Articles:
  • Oxygen
  • Muscle and Fitness Hers
  • RX Muscle
  • Muscle and Performance

Online Features:
- Named World Physique " Rising Star of The Month" for Feb 2010:
- Featured on Muscle Sport Magazine's Website:
- Interviewed on Sioux Country " fit bod talk show":
- Featured on Female Muscle:
- Featured on RX
- Featured as a guest writer on
- Featured On Clark Bartram's Website:
- Featured on Tnation's " The Body Shop":
- Featured on multiple blogs

3 tv AZ Live Cooking Segment aired throughout the state of AZ -- link to recipe I made on tv--

- Upcoming appearances:
Gregory Mantell Show
More TV Appearances In the works...

Future Plans:
To make a name for myself in the Fitness Industry and help others reach their goals with both training, as well as with my cookbook. I plan on expanding my brand, The EZ Whey LLC, what is now just The EZ Whey Cookbook, in to a large company with training, nutrition, recipe books, packaged food items, apparel, my own supplement line, and eventually “ The EZ Whey Café”.
I also plan to continue pursuing a fitness-modeling career, and develop my brand myself in as many ways as
possible. I consider myself a fitness entrepreneur, not just a fitness model. In the next few months I have some exciting opportunities in the works, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2010 brings! Look out for me not only as a model and author, but as a published magazine columnist, online columnist, host, trainer, and spokesmodel.