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Name: H.K./ DJ Honey
Knowing there is a lot of competition in the DJ field, H.K. never puts himself above anyone else. He is also willing to take advice from other DJs to improve his already master DJ skills.

DJ Honey, has over 20 years of Entertainment experience, ranging from DJing, Event Management and coordination, Mandap Decoration, Lighting and Information Technology.  What started as a hobby has taken him on a journey which seems like a dream.  He is the mastermind behind Temple Of Groove and it's services which has come a long way since a vision, execution and expansion.

With our roots back to Dehra Dun India, approximately twentymiles South of Masoori and walking distance from Ghandi Park and Congress Bhuvan.  He has experience DJing a multitude of events ranging in many ethnicities and has done 1000's of events thus far for many cultures.

He has worked alongside many well known artists and continues to grow in this ever changing industry.  Music is like a chemical equation ranging in many beats, tempos' mixes, which combined together produces a communication channel with everyone at the event on a different level.

We speak to our guests through out music, it's an Art, which has been perfected over many years to bring before you what you see today.  Remember to feel the moment and if the moment is right, combined with the proper tune, will produce a flashback for your special day.  We hope to keep you as loyal fans as well as life long clients for our services.