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Name: Angel Torres
DOB: 10/9/74 (Libra)
Hobbies: dancing, baseball, football, dancing, swimming, traveling, fishing, skiing, outdoor life
Love/Passion: dancing
Favorite Songs: "Percolator" - Cajmere, "Follow Me" - Alluys
Favorite Clubs: Pulsations (no longer existing) - Glen Mills. Any club that plays House music
Future Plan: Pitch a reality show idea, running and owning his own nightclub
  Favorite Move: "The Rerun"

Dancer -
Angel is a dancer of his own kind by keeping it real from his old school dance style.
His energy on the floor can get the crowd pumping by his old school and his original style.

Angel considers himself as an old schooler and a houser. Angel dances to old school, house and hip-hop. He has been dancing for a long time and through his years he has seen dancers of all types. Angel has the attitude where he knows everyone is a good dancer in his or her own way and no one is better. He is a big guy and he gets a lot of respect from other big men because they are shocked when they see a big guy dancing so well.

Notes: Angel is a Road Manager for Walt Anderson. Walt Anderson: a top 10 finalist from P. Diddy’s hit show “MTV’s Making the Band II”

Also he is a personal bodyguard for Laura Grillo.

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